Transaxle Drive Systems

Differential axle systems are generally called transaxle. Transaxle is a word in English and is formed by combining transmission and driven axle words.


Transaxle is a power transmission element that connects the gearbox and the differential and transmits power to the wheel without   additional equipment. It also creates a very compact and efficient system with integrated electric motor and electromagnetic brake on it. It is one of the most suitable solutions for electric vehicles


Specifications ;




  • High load capacity
  • DC, AC and Brushless motor options,
  • Low gear backlash,
  • Output speed from 70 to 280 rpm (revolutions/minute)
  • Low noise level (<62DB),
  • Electromagnetic brake options,
  • High power efficiency (up to %85)
  • Hydraulic and disc brake options.




Applicaton examples



Wheelchairs and  Scooters 


Farm machines


Transpoting and Cleaning